Nova Contemporary would like to propose a 45-day exhibition in the location of Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai, as part of the collaboration with the Art for Air Project

Nova Contemporary

MAR 2023


Nova Contemporary would like to propose a 45-day exhibition in the location of Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai, as part of the collaboration with the Art for Air Project. This exhibition will consist of a group show approaching artists Aracha Cholitgul and Anusorn Tunyapalit, coinciding with the theme of air pollution and sustainable solutions to resolving the crisis in the most affected region of the country. Through contributions from the Pa Tung Ngam Karen Ethnic Community, an experiencebased group living in Chiang Dao, we are offering an immersive installation that establish the core issues of the air crisis with a programme of events to assist with elaborating on how to sustainably solve this issue. Due to the rise in population resulting in the increasing demand of mass-produced goods and produce, the situation feels almost impossible to stop the rise of air pollution and is resonated by so many in Chiang Dao, a region of Chiang Mai consisting of farmland, ethnic communities and the public who rely on selling farmed produce and products. This exhibition will be a form of reconciliation with the people in hopes to bring a brighter future on what is at stake — the air quality and our livelihoods. The exhibition title will be informed shortly including the confirmed location and specific dates. 

With the contrast of both artists’ works, this exhibition will emphasise the unsustainable solution of the present with the hopes of a sustainable future. Cholitgul’s installation exaggerates the commonly used air purifiers found in most households and Tunyapalit’s work emphasises the future hopes or certain forward-thinking concepts to help achieve resolutions that are sustainable yet feasible.

The exhibition is an immersive experience encased in a room that can be seen from the outside within, proposing tentative dates of April/May, both months right in the middle of what we consider smokey season. With the air quality during the month, the exhibition will depict what it is like to always have purified air, providing the ‘cleanest’ air within the location that can be accessible to the public, an attempt to reminisce times before and after the smokey season.

The room will be located in an often populated area, also the designated space for the weekly Chiang Dao Market where most locals attend to buy their fresh goods and produce. The installation will provide the footfall for exposure from all forms of life; the public, the farmers, the residents, and the art community. 


Aracha Cholitgul is an interdisciplinary artist whose works focus on exploring new perspectives and meanings through paintings, drawings, installations, and writings. Cholitgul is interested in history, intertwining both personal experiences with the influence of spirituality and intimacy and delving into the emotional response and beliefs that can be anticipated from others and herself. Cholitgul considers norms, societal beliefs and rituals within her work, highlighting commonplace ideas and day-to-day practices through a personal lens with her biomorphic but narrative pieces of work.

Anusorn Tunyapalit interprets the lights, languages, unseen visions and the wishes of human in a variety of mediums. His sound pieces remind us of the existence of imperfections that we pretend to be perfections. Tunyapalit combines the symbols of vision, hearing and sensations of humans in his artwork and reiterates what really exists and disappears around us. His research-heavy process coincides with his process-heavy series of works, focusing on his surroundings to create site-specific installations, including works on PM2.5 and its consequences on Chiang Mai’s geopolitical state.

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